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contemporary theory, etc.

Open Humanities Press

New open-source publications in critical theory, with titles on speculative realism, critical climate change, etc. 

 early modern resources online


Texts, biographies, and even music for all major English Renaissance writers

Early Modern Resources (earlymodernweb.org)

Comprehensive list of links to all free online resources for the study of the early modern period 1500-1800

Agas Map of Early Modern London

Fascinating interactive map of 16th c. London, courtesy of Janelle Jenstad at Univ. of Victoria

John Donne Sermons Online

Full digitally searchable library of Potter and Simpson edition of Donne's sermons (BYU LIbrary)

Digital Donne: The Online Variorum

Copies of the 1633, 1635 print editions of Donne's verse, as well as beautiful images of the Westmoreland and other manuscripts

The Actes and Monuments Online

The recently completed (mammoth) online version of John Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I 

Marilee Cody's terrific, well-maintained page of Elizabeth I Paintings

Shakespeare and the Queen's Men Project

Curious what English drama looked like in the decade right before Shakespeare? 

1550-1600 in Fashion (Wikipedia)

An extraordinarily detailed survey of English Renaissance clothing. One of the gems of Wikipedia.

The Web Gallery of Art

Searchable database of Medieval and Renaissance painting


Arts and Letters Daily

One Article of Note, one Book Review, one Opinion Essay - every day. The best of Web 1.0.

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