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writing at scsu 

English Department MLA Guidelines

The Writing Center 

online writing help 

OWL – Purdue Online Writing Lab

     See especially: 

    - Help avoiding plagiarism 

    - Help recognizing sentence fragments, how to use commas, and sentence clarity

writing handouts

These are my handouts, which often show up in my writing and introductory literature classes. Use them as you see fit.

    for first-year students:

Writing Well-Developed Paragraphs 

Writing Opening Paragraphs

Building Sentences Worksheet #1

Building Sentences Worksheet #2 

Sample Student Essay (for writing students)

    for literature students:

Moving from Problems to Thesis Statements

Close Reading at the Paragraph Level

Sample Student Essay - Close Reading (for literature students)

miscellaneous (articles, books, etc.)

"The Comma From Which My Heart Hangs" by Benjamin Samuel

"The Dark Side of Verbs-as-Nouns" by Henry Hitchings

One law school professors's terrific writing advice (David G. Post, Temple University)

A couple of classic how-to books: John R. Trimble’s Writing with Style and William Zinsser’s On Writing Well

George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" 

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